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A prior photos are not uploaded to any album, but it is important to organize the photos by albums that act as large classifiers. We can also geolocalize the images by pointing out where they have been taken. The most successful way to vitalize images on flickr is through groups. Groups are mini communities of photographs organized under a theme. Groups can be public or private. Within a social media strategy for a brand, of course, our focus will be on public groups. From their users will begin to interact with our photo, through comments or notes. Debates: they are threads of conversation around the theme of the group.

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We can create our own groups, but at first it is advisable to participate in those that already exist, both to make us know and to use their visibility in the platform and to access its members. The groups have two basic sections, the group mural and debates. Group mural: corresponds to the total of photographs that are included within that group. If we want to publish there, it is as easy as joining the group instagram accounts for sale and then go to our own photo and in options choose share on the wall of group. The photograph will be published immediately. Only we or the administrators have the right to erase the photo.

They share useful information and we can express opinions and participate as experts on a specific subject. It is very important to remember the good practice of companies and brands in flickr, which entails sharing information that we consider relevant and not doing spam advertising itself.linkedin is a professional social network. Professional social networks are social networks aimed youtube accounts for sale at an adult audience that wants to promote through these tools their professional life. The aim is for registered users to network among them, that is, to exchange information, contacts and establish relationships with people who share common professional interests that help them to boost their professional career.

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This social network has million registered users worldwide, being in spain more than one million and two million profiles of companies and or marcus.hay two ways to be registered in linkedin, per person or by company the case of companies, this choice will vary from the strategy we want to achieve in social networks, which we will detail below. Person: we can be present on linkedin through a user profile. These user profiles allow us to go to become known as professionals, including a description of our professional work, experience, contact mode, and make us a network of contacts. This functionality is what differentiates linkedin from job search platforms such as infojobs: the objective of being present on linkedin is to keep in touch with past or present collaborators.

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And to be able to contact others that we are interested in professionally. Two possibilities to be present in this professional social network, with a group or a company page. To make business marketing in this social network, it is advisable for companies is to make a page better than a group, since the groups is to excel as an expert in a subject without selling or advertising. The pages offer much more possibilities than we will detail below. Linkedin company pages were updated at the end of to meet the demands of companies. They were created so that the companies buy instagram pva show their data and communicate the changes that had in their formations, as well as to communicate the opportunities of employment.